B2B Telemarketing FAQs

1. What is B2B Telemarketing?

Telemarketing is simply marketing a product or service via a telephone. Outsourced B2B Telemarketing is when a business engages a professional supplier to do this on their behalf.

2. Is Telemarketing not the same as Telesales?

This is a common misconception, as Telemarketing is related to marketing a product or service, Telesales is related to selling. The strategies put in place are a lot different in Telemarketing than in Telesales.

3. What can I use Telemarketing for?

Telemarketing can be used for different activities depending on the campaign. Most if not all Telemarketing companies offer outbound services while there are a few that also offer inbound services. Telemarketing can be used for Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Market Research, Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction and many more.

Telemarketing can be a great way to engage with potential customers and educate people about the products / services you offer and how they can benefit from them.

4. Why should I choose Telemarketing?

Telemarketing works to deliver different results depending on the campaign provided. It enables a company to get through to key decision makers are potential customers for their products or services. Using an outsourced Telemarketing Partner removes in-house costs and frees up time that can be utilised elsewhere. Another great benefit of Telemarketing is the ability to provide the sales team with important information about clients. Before choosing a B2B Telemarketing company, make sure to choose a Company that can build up rapport and possess the capability to sync with the sales team.

If you want to generate a pipeline of potential customers that you can nurture until they’re ready to progress to the next stage, telemarketing is definitely the answer – it ensures opportunities are not missed by having dedicated resource to manage call backs with prospects at the times they have indicated there may be a potential interest.

A dedicated telemarketing campaign not only provides leads, it also contributes to a significant increase in awareness for your company and at the same time ensure your client database is cleansed and up to date. Sending out a direct mailer or e-shot will do this initially, but you are then reliant on the person who’s received it to contact you. If you combine your direct marketing with telemarketing follow-up, you can speak to more people and arouse more interest ensuring that your marketing efforts are not being wasted.

5. How do I pay for a Telemarketing campaign?

Telemarketing campaigns can be paid in different ways. Depending on the brief and the requirements, it all matters to what the client and the Telemarketing supplier agree to. Here are two payment structures and their analysis:

1. Pay by Lead/Result – an old notion, however clients still ask to pay B2B Telemarketing Companies this way. This may initially seem a cost effective method especially when a client has a set target within the campaign. However the underlying problem here is that the focus is on getting paid and the Leads generated may not be beneficial for the client. When only motivated by payment, the Telemarketing supplier will do what they can to get Leads irrespective of whether they are of benefit or not. This method is usually chosen and agreed when Telemarketing companies pay their wages on a commission-only basis. It is difficult to recruit professional staff to work in that environment and a stressed member of staff can create the wrong image for your business. The results given to the client may not always be as beneficial as they had hoped for.

2. Pay by Days – this is a more favourable option. Pay by Days allows the client and the B2B Telemarketing Partner to negotiate exactly how many days the campaign will take and how many leads/targets they are looking to receive. Once this has been agreed, a fee is also agreed and both parties will work together to begin the process and ensure that all is in place to achieve the right result. The Telemarketing Partner will be able to engage in the campaign with more commitment to quality and to building rapport with the prospect. They will dedicate the necessary days to actually go into the campaign with more emphasis and enthusiasm. This method is the most preferred, especially if a Telemarketing company is paying a salary plus bonus to their staff rather than commission based wages.

The best advice is to find a Telemarketing Partner that will listen and understand your campaign and is focussed on your objectives. Also, be sure that their Business Managers are not just looking to charge a high quote, ask about the benefits you get when you agree on a price and payment structure. What exactly is invested into your campaign from set-up to execution? Some Telemarketing Partners would be happy to show you what they actually invest into each campaign, so do not be hesitant in asking. Find out how much the set-up of the campaign costs, what KPI’s do they offer and how they will go about conducting the campaign.

6. How do I know that the company will deliver on our agreement?

Any professional Telemarketing company will have integrated ICT systems that will log the activity undertaken and from which reports can be generated. The real proof of the pudding is when the Leads start to arrive but do be patient as it sometimes takes a little time to build momentum on a campaign.

Databases will have an audit trail of calls made and discussions with each company. Professional Telemarketing Companies employ call recording systems, so should at any point the customer request evidence of a call this can be provided to them. Ensure that the B2B Telemarketing Supplier you choose offers reporting as standard.

7. When making calls, can the Telemarketing Supplier transparently represent my company over the telephone?

Getting a Telemarketing Partner to conduct a campaign means that they are part of your marketing division. Although they would be operating as their own company, they could call up prospects and represent you. For the prospects, it is less confusing if the agency remain invisible and introduce themselves as the customer they are working on behalf of. However when asked, it is a code of conduct that the Telemarketing Company would be obliged to say that they are from a third-party organisation calling on behalf of your company.

8. Are scripts used when conducting a call?

There are a number of different views on whether scripts should be used. Quality–based Telemarketing Partners will educate their staff about the company being represented, the product or service being promoted and the features and benefits they need to project. The message should be delivered in a conversational manner using call guidelines rather than a ridged scripted approach. By using a non-scripted approach to the calls, the decision-maker is likely to fell more engaged and less like it is ‘just another sales call’ and they tend to be more receptive and forthcoming with information.

9. I do not want to be tied up into a long contract.

Campaigns are usually agreed upon before contracts are written out, it is up to you on whether you would like your campaign to run from 10 days or even a whole year. The benefits of choosing a trusted B2B Telemarketing Supplier is the ability to negotiate on the days required for a particular campaign. Some Telemarketing Suppliers would enjoy lengthening the amount of days required to complete a campaign so it is important to assess everything before agreeing to a contract. Records show however that if you enjoyed a quality service from a Telemarketing Supplier, then it is more likely that you will lengthen your contract with them. Look for a B2B Telemarketing Supplier that have worked with clients for over two years to get more clarity into which Telemarketing Supplier you would want to start your campaign with.

Generally contracts will work on a monthly rolling basis with a break clause to cease the agreement with one months’ notice in the unlikely event that expectations are not being met.

It is always best to set the right expectations with new customers and one of the key points is that a 10 day trial campaign will not usually fully benchmark the results achievable on an on-going basis. This is due to the investment in time at the start of the campaign to build up contact names, have initial discussions, send info and follow up, etc.

10. My company is in a Niche Market, I don’t think Telemarketing will help.

Niche is good! It means that the target market can be closely defined so that there are fewer wasted calls to businesses who do not need the product or service. Look for a B2B Telemarketing Supplier that has comfortable experience in running a specialised niche campaign. Also, if the target market is particularly small, it is likely that prospects will already be aware of the Product or Service or engaged with your company already.

11. What is Lead Generation?

There are many steps in the sales cycle to take a business through from being merely a suspect to a prospect and then identifying where they are in the buying process. Lead Generation is identifying those companies who are in the early stages of the buying cycle and with whom rapport can be developed to ensure that one is in the loop when purchasing decisions are being made.

12. I have my own database prepared.

Most Telemarketing companies are happy for you to utilise your own database. However what separates the normal to the ‘great’ Telemarketing Partners is the ones that offer a review and feedback on the quality of your database. This piloting process enables the Telemarketing Partners to investigate your database before they actually go ahead and roll out the campaign on an ongoing basis. This is essential because it enables you and the B2B Telemarketing Partner to evaluate the usefulness and relevance of the data. So next time you are about to prepare your own database to the Telemarketing Partner, make sure they offer this valuable service.

13. My database is quite old, is the Telemarketing Partner able to source new data for me?

B2B Telemarketing Partners should be able to source data for you if you and they feel that your current database is not useful. Be careful of how the Telemarketing Partner sources the data. It is important to remember that the data being sourced for you will be for you alone. You do not want to be paying for market intelligence that will be sold to your competitor next week! Find a B2B Telemarketing Partner that offers exclusive data that is only for your campaign.

14. My Event needs promotion, I need to reach key people to attend my Event.

Most Telemarketing companies will deliver an Event attendee generation campaign. It is important to start the activity in plenty time before the event to enable people to have space in their diaries at the right time. Also, give some consideration to the geographical location and time of the event prior to selecting the target audience to approach.

15. I want to know what people are saying about my company.

Market Research is a great way of getting to know what people think about your company and your products and services. People will often be more honest with a third party researcher than direct individuals from your company.

16. How do I pick the right Telemarketing Partner for my campaign?

Before engaging any Telemarketing company it is important to know what you want so it is good to prepare a short Brief. People buy from people, so assess how your enquiry is dealt with when you approach the supplier. Have a look at their track record and ask for client testimonials. Assess their core values to see if they match those of your company. Ensure that they have systems in place that will enable timely communication with your company. A good telemarketing company should demonstrate professionalism, enthusiasm, honesty and integrity.

17. I am looking for an inbound Telemarketing company.

There are many companies who specialise in this environment and they tend to be larger sized companies and are generally referred to as Call Centres.

18. Are the staff for a Telemarketing company sourced abroad?

This can depend on your preference and also the Telemarketing Partner that is chosen. Some clients prefer to choose a Telemarketing company that has local staff because of the local knowledge and ability to meet the person who will be representing your company. However if the requirement is particularly high volume and if low cost is imperative then staff abroad may provide the solution. You would have to remember that these staff members will be representing your company and extra training is required for staff that are abroad so you would need to take that into consideration. Telemarketing Companies that operate with their staff nationally based, provide extra benefits such as knowledge of the country and experience of the culture.

My question was not listed here.

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