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Do you want to achieve a tangible return on your marketing investment through professional, planned, focused, and consistent B2B Telemarketing services?  Are you conscious that you may not be completely in touch with your market? Are your competitors running away with the sale whilst you wait for the phone to ring?

At Tangible Results many of our existing clients recognise that the best place for a Salesperson is in front of new prospects or existing customers and use our professional B2B Telemarketing service to generate well qualified telemarketing sales leads and appointments for their Sales Personnel.

A telemarketing strategy can achieve several different business objectives as well as seeking out new business opportunities. It can optimise sales from your existing client base by keeping them informed of new products. It can help you in understanding their business needs and building rapport through intermittent contact. Sometimes just letting them know you care is enough.

Telemarketing is also used to communicate with lapsed customers or those where you feel that their account is not reaching its optimum value. Are they giving more business to your competition because they talk to them more frequently?

Occasionally companies try to use a telemarketing strategy as a ‘sticking plaster’ or a quick fix and expect it to have an instant miracle effect on an already failing market presence. True, miracles do happen, but not very often! Successful telemarketing is at its best when it is an integrated part of your strategic multi-channel approach to market.

Delivering a quality B2B Telemarketing service to clients who want to use us as a natural extension to their business is of utmost importance to us. Tangible Results use a B2B Telemarketing approach, integrating an effective telemarketing strategy with e-marketing communications, so that you can achieve several different business objectives whilst simultaneously seeking out new business opportunities.

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Successful B2B Telemarketing relies on the right people being focused on an appropriate target audience with a coherent message and clear objectives. Custom designed e-information reinforces the message, helps the customer to understand key benefits and where an immediate opportunity is not identified leaves the door open for future contact.

Tangible Results combine B2B Telemarketing expertise and well trained quality people with bespoke, flexible ICT systems to deliver a seamless results-orientated service to our customers.


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