Skills Training and Development for Business

Helping Colleges, Training Providers and Universities to create links with Business is part of the core function of the Employer Engagement activity undertaken by Tangible Results.

With a background, since 1998, of delivering Telemarketing services to Government agencies, such as the Learning and Skills Councils (LSC) The National Apprenticeship Service (NAS ) the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) as well as Colleges, Universities and Private Training Providers we are fully conversant with the skills and training agenda, in its various guises.

Having a large degree of experience, Tangible Results understand exactly how important Employer Engagement is. The future skill base of the economy is reliant on the investment in training by both the Government and Employers. We at Tangible Results understand the range of both funded and full cost courses that create the platform from which employers can choose.

Unfortunately, with the massive array of training available, the employer often struggles to focus on the most appropriate choices for their business and if not careful, they may make the easy choice of not doing anything at all.

That is where Tangible Results can lead them through the options available and create the opportunity for them to engage directly with the College or Universities and Private Training Providers to fulfil their needs. Employer Engagement enables companies and Education partners to work together helping and developing the future workforce.

Be it Apprenticeships, Traineeships or Full Cost Courses, Tangible Results have the experience of helping both the employer and the College, University or Training Provider to meet their objectives.

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Employer Engagement Experience
  • Service to the Training & Education sector since 1998
  • A leading sector provider
  • Awarded local and national tenders
  • Achieved approved supplier status with the National LSC
  • Many clients within sector
  • High staff retention level
  • Knowledge of Qualification Structure


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