Event Marketing

Event Marketing is a tool used by companies to promote their product, services or offering. The level of Event Marketing determines the success of the actual Event.

How successful was your last event? Did you get the desired number of attendees and what did you know about them before they arrived? After they had been to the Event, how long did it take you to communicate with all of them to assess their interest in moving forward to the next stage?

Whether it is a local event or a national exhibition, Event Marketing enables you to achieve the best return on your investment. This is largely dependent on ensuring that the communication process with your target audience is managed carefully throughout. That is where Tangible Results come in with our proven Event Marketing expertise in hand.

Our Event Marketing process not only helps market your event to make it a success, it also enables you to gain particular insights into the type of people attending. We deliver tailored Event Marketing to be specific to your particular campaign.

Over the years we have been asked to populate many events with inbuilt obstacles to success, for instance:

  • Event held in London – target audience – North West.
  • Event booked Friday before the Bank Holiday.
  • Wrong date on the Invitation.

These are just a few of the things that can go wrong. At Tangible Results, with our Events Marketing process we aim to ensure the right people are talking about your event, the right people are aware of your event, and ultimately, the right people are coming to your event.

Next time you are planning an event or are exhibiting at a Trade Show why not talk to us well in advance to find out more about Event Marketing will help you? We will be pleased to share the benefit of our experience with you.

It’s no fun having a party with no guests.

There is no need to panic just call Tangible Results in time to make a difference.

live_000013379678_event-300x199 Event Marketing

Services Include
  • Database provision
  • E-Invitations
  • Invitation follow-up by telephone
  • Reminder service
  • Data capture/qualification of Exhibition Stand attendees
  • Post exhibition follow-up for non-attendees
  • Appointment Generation


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