20 Lessons Learnt in 20 Years

Tangible Results are celebrating 20 years in business this month. A time for reflection ……

We asked our Managing Director, Mary Irving, to share her experience of some of the lessons learnt over the past 20 years, here’s what she said…….

  1. 1) Whatever you think it’s going to cost –double it
  2. 2) Whatever you think you are going to make – halve it
  3. 3) Seek and consider the opinion of others
  4. 4) Ultimately –trust one’s own instinct
  5. 5) Advice is cheap – Bad decisions cost a lot of money
  6. 6) Stick with core values
  7. 7) Resist the temptation to stoop low, even when feeling aggrieved
  8. 8) Do unto others……
  9. 9) Under promise –over deliver
  10. 10) Respect customers – they are paying your wages
  11. 11) Respect staff – keep their trust
  12. 12) Don’t get cocky – even in the good times
  13. 13) It’s a long way down –keep a safety net
  14. 14) Lead and let new talent grow
  15. 15) If someone is always telling you how good they are –they’re probably not
  16. 16) Look beneath the surface –talent does not always come wrapped in shiny paper
  17. 17) Embrace technology – but don’t forget the personal touch
  18. 18) Love what you do
  19. 19) When you stop loving it –move on
  20. 20) Have fun and celebrate success

We are proud to have reached this significant milestone and we would like to thank our loyal customers and staff for all their support over the past 20 years.

If you would like to meet our happy team and find out what we can do for your sales and marketing effort contact:

Nicola Hewitt
Business Development Manager

Tel: 0116 247 7222

Pic-of-Mary-2 20 Lessons Learnt in 20 Years
“It’s been an interesting journey…
We’ve learnt a lot…
We’ve achieved a lot…We’ve met some great people along the way…We’ve had a lot of fun – here’s to many more years to come.” 

Mary Irving
Managing Director


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