I was extremely interested, but not surprised, to read Lee Bryant, Managing Director of Sesui comments on how the telephone is being recognised as an indispensable business tool.

Lee states in ‘Comms Business Magazine’ “It will surprise many to learn that the telephone remains consumers preferred means of contacting businesses. Online, digital, and social channels may have redrawn the landscape of global communications, but research repeatedly reveals that nothing quite beats human-to-human dialogue over the phone.

“A 2016 CallCentre.co.uk survey of multichannel communications reveal that 72% of people still prefer customer contact via the telephone making the digital approach seem to be at odds with businesses’ oft quoted commitment to customer-centricity.

“Since telephone dialogue is often the final, pivotal conclusion of the sales or customer service process, incremental moves away from telephony appear all the more perplexing. Thankfully, however, the pendulum is swinging back the other way. Voice is making a comeback”

In the B2B Telemarketing environment in which Tangible Results operate, our customers recognise the value of relationship-building with both existing and prospective customers. Well informed dialogue and consistent contact is the way forward in the customer journey from lead generation at the start of a relationship to the ongoing service needs of the customer.

Of course, at Tangible Results, we recognise and use many digital tools to support ongoing dialogue to inform, educate and influence customer behaviour.

But central to it all, is the human interaction that personalises the product or service, and enables us to portray customers values, to their markets, in an interactive, personable fashion that gets results.

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