The Key to Success in 2011

With the signs of what will happen to the economy in 2011 still very hard to read, Managing Directors and Business Leaders are facing the new business year with hopeful optimism. The belief in ones ability to shape the world, rather than being a victim of circumstance, makes the difference between a Leader and a Manager. Taking control is the key to success.

Why Back to Basics?

The basics of running a successful business are simple; one has to earn more than one spends, one has to abide by the law, and, if one is in it for the long term, one has to plough investment back into the business. Right now, the word,  top of the Board Agenda, may not be growth. However, service delivery costs are rising. Just to stand still, it will be necessary to achieve some growth. So how will you hit the ground running to grow your business in 2011?


Do you know the size of your potential market? Do you know what proportion of the market you currently hold.? Could your products or services infiltrate new markets? Are you missing out on those buying decisions that potential new customers are making right NOW?

Could you achieved more sales from existing customers? Are you giving them enough attention?

What are your lapsed customers doing now? Are they ripe to be won back from your competitors?

Let Tangible Results help you to hit the ground running this year, by understanding your particular objectives and, by working with you during 2011 to achieve the success your business deserves.

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