Ben’s Time at Tangible Results

Tangible Results are proud to provide an environment where individuals can develop their understanding of business and knowledge of life in a commercial environment.

We follow professional standards that value both the individual and their contribution to our business, resulting in a win/win relationship. The article below is written by Ben Potter and gives an insight into the world of Tangible Results from a new recruits point of view…….

Mary Irving, Managing Director. 



Hello there! My name’s Ben Potter and I’m a recent Radio Production graduate from De Montfort University and have just completed an internship with Tangible Results. What does a radio graduate have any business doing at a B2B Telemarketing agency? That’s a very good question, and one that in all good faith I couldn’t possibly answer.


The current economic climate has hit students as hard as anyone else, and since graduating in July of last year I’ve really struggled to find work in a relevant field. After 6 months of working in a supermarket, I reached out to the university to see if they could help me find something a little more stimulating. A couple of weeks later I received a call to see if I was interested in working at a Telemarketing agency for a few weeks – which of course I jumped at.

When I arrived on my first day, I sat down with Managing Director Mary and IT Manager Steve to discuss what I might get up to during my 4-week stint at the company. Much like myself, they weren’t entirely sure what I was going to be able to occupy myself with and contribute for the duration of my stay, but Steve, who’d been doing a little research on me online, discovered I had some voice over and video editing experience, so dug out an old promotional video put together for them by an SEO company and suggested I try and work my magic on it!

For the remainder of my first day I sat with a number of their staff who were all working on separate marketing campaigns for differing companies, listening in on their calls and observing what they do. One thing I can say with complete sincerity is that I cannot overstate just how brilliant these people are. They sit on the phone all day, never complaining, never grumbling, and somehow manage to have a smile on their face come home time. I could never do what they do on a daily basis and for that reason they have my utmost respect – and a small measure of fear too.

Later, Steve provided me with all the assets for the video and together we tweaked the script slightly to allow for a new section that would feature a number of client testimonials, as well as updating a few outdated pieces of information. I then made use of the University recording studios to completely re-record the voice over for the video and spent the next couple of weeks tweaking the video under Mary and Steve’s instruction.

Now that the video was complete, I focused my efforts on rejuvenating their social media output, updating their Twitter, Facebook, Google +, BlogSpot and YouTube platforms respectively, before posting the video simultaneously in a move so meticulously planned and executed that it dominated my attention for two full days.

And that leads us to now. As the clock ticks towards the final bus journey home from TR HQ, I can look back and reflect on my time here. Trying not to leave anyone out, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my daily chats with Steve about our dinners the night before and recent gastric tests of might, Pat and Sophia for graciously driving me to the bus stop every day after work, Adam for lending me the use of his phone to upload the video, Corinna for being so welcoming and showing me around on my first day, Danielle for letting me into the building every day, Sonny for living up to his name by being friendly at every turn, Maree, Abby and Barry for expertly demonstrating what it is they do, and of course Mary, without whom I wouldn’t have been able to attend in the first place.

Tangible Results is an incredible place filled with some of the most extraordinarily hardworking and pleasant people I could have possibly hoped to work with. I’ve enjoyed my time here immensely and I’m saddened that it has come to a close as quickly as it has. If ever I come across someone looking for an elite B2B Telemarketing company, I’ll be certain to send them this way, and if you happen to be a prospective client trying to decide whether or not to utilise the services offered by Mary and her team, I’ll leave you with this; If they’ve been so kind and welcoming to me, a relative outsider with no marketing experience whatsoever, just imagine what they can do for you when money is involved!

Thank you once again for everything, guys, It’s been quite the ride!

Ben Potter

(Graduate Intern)

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Ben Potter

Graduate Intern from De Montfort University


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