Christmas Cheer

It’s that time of the year again where one reflects on the events of the past 12 months and looks to the future with renewed vigour and the belief that even better things are possible next year.

At Tangible Results it has been a good year. We are 11% up on last years sales. We have retained the loyalty of our very important customer base and we have brought several new clients on board. We know that the leads we have generated have resulted in many thousands and possibly millions of new business sales for our commercial clients.

In addition, through working with colleges we have instigated the placement of many new Apprentices into businesses and encouraged employers to consider Apprenticeship training for existing members of staff.

Our experienced and longstanding team members have been instrumental in coaching, mentoring and supporting new recruits to our expanded team. As one of our customers said only last week “ Tangible Results has the Dream Team” I am proud to agree with them.

Last night we had our Christmas party…… and didn’t we just!!

It may sound a bit corny but there was a lot of love in the room, that is what we are like at Tangible Results, we love each other, we love our customers and we love what we do.

What a great way to end the year….Happy Christmas to everyone and lets have a fantastic 2013.

Mary Irving
Managing Director

mary-300x176 Christmas Cheer

Mary enjoying the Christmas Cheer at our Tangible Results Christmas party. 


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