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The Team at Tangible Results want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Claudio Ranieri and his extraordinary bunch of talented players for their truly amazing achievement.

Having recently travelled extensively in South America, I can confirm that it is not only the loyal base of Leicester fans who are in awe of this fairytale story, but it has also put Leicester firmly on the worldwide map

…”Where are you from?”…”Leicester“…..”Aah! The football team”….

And that was before they had everyone almost fainting with fear and anticipation during the last few games for both them and their closest rival.

I personally can’t claim that I am a long-term, dedicated football fan, unlike most of my colleagues, but I have been caught up in this frenzy just like everyone else.

Apart from the undoubted talent of the players, what I have observed has been:-

  • The calm, unassuming leadership of Claudio Ranieri
  • The one step at a time approach
  • The absence of panic when Vardy was sent off
  • The strength and reassurance Claudio undoubtedly gave to the team
  • The consistent focus of ‘keeping ones eye on the ball’
  • The absence of arrogance at any point
  • Remembering that ones family is central to most things in life

The team have proven that they are not a one trick pony, and have remained consistent to the end.

Congratulations Leicester City! We are proud of you. We, in business, have a lot to learn from you.


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