My Time at Tangible Results

Tangible Results are proud to provide an environment where individuals can develop their understanding of business and knowledge of life in a commercial environment.

We follow professional standards that value both the individual and their contribution to our business, resulting in a win/win relationship. The article below is written by Supreet Attwal and gives an insight into the world of Tangible Results from a new recruits point of view…….

Mary Irving, Managing Director. 


It all began with a phone call from Mary at around 12pm whilst I was straightening my hair! I was told I would be receiving a call, however, I still did not feel prepared and when Mary started asking me questions I became really nervous. After the call, I did not think I would be offered the position as a Graduate Intern at Tangible Results, so I expected the worse. To my disbelief, I later received a phone call from Jack at the placement agency informing me that Tangible Results wanted me! I was ecstatic, this was going to be my first ever opportunity at sampling work in the real world.

Before my placement, I had only just finished my Masters degree in Marketing and as I was updating my CV, I saw that despite having the academic background, my work experience in the Marketing field was lacking. So what better way to change this than by applying and being accepted for a Graduate Internship at Tangible Results.

On my first day, I was very nervous and excited. I did not know what to expect, I mean I knew I would be gaining invaluable experience in marketing, but I didn’t know what the people or my workload would be like. As I parked up in the car park, I could see some of the employees standing outside and they seemed to be very nice and welcoming. They also helped me and told me where to go which reassured me that people at Tangible Results were very warm and helpful.

Tangible Results is an extremely successful B2B Telemarketing Company, and I, as I’m sure many others, thought Telemarketing comprised of someone ringing a customer up and just bragging about a product or service they were selling as soon as the customer answered the phone. Yet, at Tangible Results, I found it was not to do with selling, but rather promotion of different services to businesses that may benefit. There was no pre-prepared script that the telemarketers read off, instead they all seemed to engage in very pleasant conversations with the person on the other end of the phone, and always knew what they were talking about.

When I met Mary and Steve we sat down and had a talk about what I was going to be doing during my placement. When Steve mentioned SEO and PPC, my heart sank! I had heard of the terms but I had no idea on how to implement them. However, I was not going to say no. I took this opportunity to be proactive and I began to teach myself what SEO and PPC were all about and how to go about applying them successfully. Of course, if there was something I really did not understand and Google could not help, I asked for assistance and both Mary and Steve were more than happy to help. After learning the basics, I started on an ad campaign for Tangible Results on Google AdWords. I have to say I actually found this to be fun, writing lots of adverts for each of the services offered by Tangible Results really got me to be creative. I had a word limit so had to be very specific with the words I chose which was hard at times as I know I can waffle on! The end result, plenty of Google adverts for Tangible Results and now the ad campaign is live so we’re just waiting for the calls from potential clients to come flooding in! Also, when I saw some of the adverts on the actual Google website, it felt amazing.

Even though SEO and PPC took up the majority of my time at Tangible Results, I was involved in other aspects. I redesigned a web e-Shot, which is sent out to customers informing them of Tangible Results and the services offered, I created a Customer Satisfaction Survey that Tangible Results can use in the future to monitor their performance and to gain some invaluable insights from existing customers. It is a shame, however, that I was not here long enough to actually undertake the survey. That would have been really great. Last, but not least, I was allowed to review the current website and make changes so long as I documented everything I did. When I was doing this I felt very professional and cool.

My time at Tangible Results has been thoroughly enjoyable and challenging and I will leave having learnt many invaluable things which I know will come in handy in my future career. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mary, Steve and everybody at Tangible Results for giving me this opportunity, I am very, very thankful and this has been a really worthwhile and unforgettable experience.

Wishing you all the best and success for the future.

Supreet Attwal

(Graduate Intern)


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Supreet Attwal



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