Snowed Under in 2013

Tangible Results’ staff showed their usual resilience by being at their desks ready for the days b2b telemarketing challenges during the recent, exceptionally heavy, snowfall. They tell me that call recipients were even more receptive than usual, perhaps because of the “we’re in this together” attitude.

I’m pleased to say that January got off to a good start. Like all businesses we have reviewed our activity for last year and have set ourselves stretching goals for 2013.

The truth is that every company in the UK could benefit from the b2b telemarketing service that Tangible Results’ delivers. Every business needs well-qualified telemarketing sales leads.

Our clients who utilise our service as a truly integrated part of their approach to market, achieve the best success. A recent comment from one of our longstanding clients puts this into perspective…

“We use Tangible Results for telemarketing and lead generation on a rolling, on-going project basis. We are a specialist IT software house operating with a comparatively low volume of prospects/sales leads, but the sales revenue is high for each contract we win. For this reason we require relevant experience, business acumen and a more in-depth knowledge and skills than more ‘run-of-the-mill’ telemarketing campaigns. TR continues to produce good quality, pre-qualified telemarketing leads for us that convert to sales. They manage call-backs and on-going prospect-contact and development for us in a professional, efficient and cost-effective manner. As a bonus, the staffs are, without exception, a delight to deal with and dedicated to sharing in our success. We highly recommend them.”

Paul (Business Manager – Business Software Solutions supplier) says – “We are happy to give telephone references too, providing your enquirer is not, of course, a direct competitor, you can freely pass on my details.”

The truth is, that many of our customers like us to be the secret ingredient in their success They are happy to provide detailed information about their experience when asked by identified enquirers.

If you would like to know more, please call us on 0116 247 7222.

skijump-300x174 Snowed Under in 2013

Here’s to a vibrant and successful 2013 – snowed under with many happy existing and new customers!


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