Tangible Results is coming of Age

Just 21 years ago this week Tangible Results opened the doors of our first office in Leicester.

The business was formed to deliver a tangible return on investment to businesses who want to secure and grow their markets, using an outsourced Telemarketing Service.

Our first major customer was Wyse Technology who progressed from video computer terminals to being a major player in ‘thin client’ technology and is now known as Dell Wyse.

Since those early days we have added many other leading brand names to our list of clients and we are proud to continue to provide a proactive and flexible service to all our customers both large and small.

Several staff members have become imbedded in the Tangible Results culture and continue to serve the company, and our clients, loyally and with great enthusiasm. We are proud to be part of a great team.

On reflection, I started to consider what coming of age really means. On a social level, it used to mean that on reaching a 21st birthday one was given the key to the front door, so not to have to wake ones parents when arriving back from a nightclub at some unlikely hour.

So, in commercial terms what does coming of age really mean?

  • It means that one has had enough experience to know what will work and what will not.
  • It means that we know that there is no point in making unrealistic promises because they will only come back and bite you.
  • It means that the business has enough knowledge of a variety of commercial environments to be able to advise customers on data issues and Campaign targeting across many B2B sectors.
  • It means that having survived the most significant recession in living memory, the company is now poised for growth.
  • It also means that we know how to celebrate ………here goes!!

Mary Irving
Managing Director

Balloon-21st-small Tangible Results is Coming of Age
5th September 2015
Tangible Results Celebrate their 21st Birthday!!


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