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It is always a huge compliment when ones competitors select your business as one they want to mimic. Recently when reviewing our web presence I was interested to find that many of our competitors now use the phrase ‘tangible results’ as part of their spiel to get customers on board.

So I thought I would like to share with you some of the background and philosophy of the original Tangible Results so that you can understand the thought behind our process and allow you to understand the depth of resource that our many customers enjoy.

Tangible Results Sales & Marketing Services Ltd was formed in 1994 by myself, Mary Irving. Having originally worked with Rank Xerox in the role of Telemarketing Executive I went on to be the National Telemarketing Manager and then spent a number of years in the direct salesforce. My claim to fame during those early days in my career is that, the now, Sir Clive Woodward was one of my colleagues.

Success in this role led me into the IT world where I was witness to the introduction of the first IBM PC. Subsequent roles led me into sales of high level software solutions and ultimately responsibility for 30 Unix based Resellers throughout the UK. Being responsible for the allocation of a Marketing Development Fund (MDF) to help Resellers to grow was what led to idea and inception of Tangible Results.

Basically, having witnessed some of the more generic ways in which marketing cash could be absorbed without delivering a measurable or tangible result, led me to believe that hands-on well-targeted approach to real potential customers was the way forward. I knew that if I was to ask a customer to spend money with my company then they would want to see real results, tangible results.

Now,17 years on, the basic philosophy is the same. We have a strong core of exceptional and dedicated employees ready to bring our focused but personable approach to your business. It may be worth a review of how you are allocating your marketing budget. We invest in our staff relationships and consequently they love what they do. You may be surprised by the level of dedication, enthusiasm and commitment you will find when you meet our staff.
We would love to work with you to increase the potential to grow your business. We are honest, hard working, and reliable and we are definitely the original Tangible Results Sales & Marketing Services Ltd.


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