Time to reflect and plan

I am delighted to report that Tangible Results has ended our 21st year ahead of plan and can start 2016 with confidence and optimism.

As always, this time of year is a great time to look back and to plan forward. I can report that a good part of our confidence for 2016 comes from the retention of a number of valuable key clients, some of whom we have worked with for several years. We thank them for their continued confidence in our service and we are focused on supporting their growth plans throughout the coming year.

Credit goes to the contribution of several key members of staff, many of whom have worked within Tangible Results for several years. In addition, we are pleased to welcome new members to our growing team.

All good news, however we must never rest on our laurels so, looking forward, what do we see on the horizon? What are other people saying?

“….The key to highly sought-after repeat business will be to establish and maintain the human connection….” – Richard Shapiro, founder and president, The Center for Client Retention

“Digital marketing ‘clutter’ means the value of personal relationships will increase

“The challenge facing everyone is how to market and promote a small business amid all the clutter and white noise. Paradoxically, I believe that the businesses that will ultimately succeed going forward are the ones that go back to traditional methods, like building face-to-face relationships and word-of-mouth marketing.” – David Mercer, founder, SME Pals

“Ad-blocking software means rethinking marketing strategies…. Ninety-three per cent of mobile ads are blocked on Firefox and Chrome, and iOS 9 adoption accelerates this complication. Educating prospective buyers, earning trust and solidifying existing customer relationships will be crucial via subscriptions to email newsletters and company blogs posts.” – Tony Faustino, president, Faustino Marketing Strategies

Of course we must take these comments in context and every business needs an appropriate marketing mix in place, but, businesses who have previously written off the power of the personal touch, through professional Telemarketing, may want to think again. Indeed the increased demand for our service in 2015 indicates that Telemarketing is firmly back in the minds of those companies looking for growth in 2016.

We look forward to a successful year for both our customers and ourselves.

In the meantime, we wish our customers, suppliers and friends a wonderfully enjoyable festive season.

Mary Irving
Managing Director

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