Will a Lion love a Monkey?

At the Institute of Sales and Marketing event in Kettering last week, Nigel Risner gave an excellent presentation of how to define different personality types by categorising them as:-

  • The visionary, single-minded lion,
  • The playful, extrovert monkey
  • The careful, analytical elephant and
  • The caring, supportive dolphin

My colleagues and I were keen to discuss which of these personality types might fit each of us. Lo and behold! we found that how we see ourselves was not always how others see us. We also recognised that we can act differently in different situations and, indeed, we can sometimes be a mixture of all of the different categories.

So how do we, know whether a potential customer is a monkey, a lion, an elephant or a dolphin, particularly when initial contact is made by telephone? Well… there is no exact science, but, there are some basic rules we can follow while we try to make a judgement …..

  • Earn the right to continue the discussion
  • Be clear about the reason for the call
  • Listen carefully to their response
  • Don’t waste their time
  • Find out their preferences
  • Feed them with relevant information

By now, you might know whether you should; play with the monkey, feed the lion, educate the elephant or swim with the dolphin.

How you interact with your contact will probably set the scene for what you hope will be a long-term, mutually-rewarding, relationship.

Good Hunting!

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